Monday, July 1, 2013


Insomnia again, but this time, it's from excitement and anticipation! Thought of and found a quick solution for my lifelong mind blogging issue.
Now to start saving! Looking forward to the dramatic obvious next up-coming change in my teeth (target fulfillment date: within half a year!) 😁
In the meantime, Dubai back-packing trip, French Language Course and Art Class within Jul~Aug'13! 😄

Thursday, June 27, 2013

10th June- meeting with Ling and Gen, the humorous in sync couple

PS Cafe - Paragon.
We spoke about their interesting Korea trip, Chop Suey and its so cute to see how this couple are so in sync an speak in turns taking cohesion about their experience! It's nice, that's part of the relationship experience. Going
through experiences together, sharing the highs and lows together.
Chop Suey soon!!

14 June- dinner date and chill-out with the lady

It's been over a year since we met. Like how we were reunited previously after losing contact with each other for 5 years, we clicked instantly and there was something very comforting and familiar..

We started off with light tapas dinner at Kaixo
(This lady truly eats like a butterfly because even a hamster eats way more than her!)

Then, it was strolling to our 1st chill-out spot- The Vintage room, followed by more in depth honest talks at The boulevard lounge bar